Monday, April 24, 2006

Video clips online:
"Crazy People" - The Big Broadcast (1932)

"Rock and Roll" - 1934


Blogger cyn said...

The cuts are rough but they give you an idea of what the Bozzies looked like...

according to the best sources the "Crazy People" clip represents how they actually performed: Martha playing piano, Connie seated next to her, and Vet behind them.

Vet said she had to hang onto their shoulders because Martha and Connie were "silly" and she'd have to squeeze them hard sometimes to keep them from carrying on or cracking up.

Notice on Crazy People - Connie flubs the last verse. The Sisters sorta follow her but the very last line gets really muddy as they decide whether to use the reply "go crazy over things you do" or go crazy over people like you".


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