Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Looks like this blog is getting out there. I just heard from Erin Sutherland, who has a great Boswells-styled band in Portland called the Stolen Sweets. Check them out at I should also mention (I can't believe I didn't earlier) that I have a band that does some adaptations of Bozzies arrangements - after you have tasted the Stolen Sweets, shuffle off to


Blogger cyn said...

Good stuff Mikey - I checked out the Stolen Sweets website and the music is very cool...

Shout Sister Shout!

4:12 PM  
Blogger Holley Pfister said...

Hi, the picture from March 8th was taken when the girls were being filmed singing "We're gonna put that Sun Back in the Sky" acapella, as congressmen attempted to clap along, for a newsreel standing on the steps of the nation's capitol. It was never used as it looked bad that no 2 senators could clap at the same time!

BTW, I'm Holley Bendtsen from the Pfister Sisters. We've been performing the Boswell tunes for 27 years here in New Orleans. Please refer to our website , for more info. I love what you are doing!!

12:52 PM  

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